Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Solutions Specialist Certifications

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Solutions Specialist is a respected name amongst the various Microsoft qualifications. Every company takes the effort to select professionals that are experienced and talented. The Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Solutions Specialist widely declares your talent and expertise you hold in the field and makes you stand in a bright spot light in front of the interviewers.
This global recognized Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Solutions Specialist certification contributes to a heavy leap on your MS career and pay-scale.
This qualification helps confirm your specialized skills in one component of MS Dynamic RMS, a retail management system used by small and medium-sized companies to boost business intellect and activate growth.
Dynamics Retail Management System Solutions Specialist Examination Details
There are 2 relevant exams provided by the Microsoft in order to qualify a Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System Solutions Specialist certification. These exams are:
MB5-538 Exam
This qualification examination calculates your capability to do the following:
* Recognize and express how to install and configure the Headquarters application in Microsoft Dynamics RMS.
* Use the application terms to sufficiently communicate solutions to other users.
Exam Timings and question details are as follows:
* 90 minutes to finish the examination
* 50 questions, with a passing rate of 70%
* Multiple choice and multiple answer questions

Applicants for MB5-538 Retail Management System 2.0 Headquarters examination are required to master the IT area on Retail Management System 2.0 Headquarters. Actual tests indicate candidates to attend the MS Business Solutions examination after at least one year practical knowledge on MB5-538. Obtaining MB5-538 qualifications is the very first step to ideal profession. Improving your technological innovation on MS area, and gaining Retail Management System 2.0 Headquarter qualifications can demonstrate your depth and width on technological innovation area.
Also known as Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System 2.0 Store Operations is an examination which address to your skills and knowledge regarding MS Dynamics, the individuals can understand how to install, configure and implement MS Dynamics Retail Management System Store Operation efficient in retail store business and multiple store corporations. Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System 2.0 Store Operations proves efficient in almost all retail store businesses. The professionals who want to understand the basics of application’s functionality and capability are recommended to take this examination MB5-537 so that you can take your career at new heights.

Exam MB5-537: Features

Following are the subjects one must have to hold so that they can secure excellent amount of marks in MB5-537 examination.

* Store Operations Overview
* Store Operations Components
* Concept of a Database Server
* Store operation management
* Expression of store operations point of sale
* Developing of administration tasks and integration option

These are the subjects which needs concentrate in order to be effective in MB5-537 examination. By getting full control over these subjects to obtain good ranking in the examination of MB5-537 Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System 2.0 Store Operations will not stay challenging for you.
The course concentrates on the Store Operations Administrator, Manager and Point of Sale applications, and how they are used for database installation and servicing, stock and client control and the settings of point-of-sale signs up. Learners finishing this course obtain a primary knowing of Store Operations performance and abilities. So to get MS qualification in MB5-537 examination is for all who are qualified for this examination.

Cost Effective Retail Management Software System

As the pressure to perform in the retail industry increases with rising rentals, more competition, higher customer expectations and evolving trends, retailers are finding it increasingly challenging to manage and grow their retail business.

With the convergence of the demand chain which starts from the customer through to the distribution channel and the supply chain which starts from the suppliers to the stores, having an integrated efficient system and business processes in place is an important determinant to retail business success.

With a significant technological advantage and a good retail management software solution that complements their retail strategy, retailers will be able to gain control of their business operations through a single point of view, optimize resources, increase process efficiencies and lower costs.

However, an inherent fear of complex and time-consuming implementations with high costs is often a deterrent to making the required IT investment. Retailers sometimes make-do with a mini billing or small inventory system which may be able to support the business in its startup but fail to support the business growth with relevant functions and reports as it scales up. There are others which invested the time and resources to implement an expensive system only to realise that the system is not addressing its retail business needs comprehensively. In such cases, many retailers have then refrained from looking at other options.

Investing in a robust and integrated retail management software system could benefit a retailer in many ways.

* Increased profit margins through better understanding of buying trends and stocking based on consumer preferences
* Increased sales as a result of better inventory control, reduced stock-outs, lost sales and happier customers
* Control of inventory will help to streamline your warehousing and store space
* Control on pilferages through intelligence gathered on pilferage-prone items and locations so that more checks and measures can be put in these problem areas
* Managing the merchandising mix so that it reduces the problem of over stocking or under stocking
* Minimum stock outs which leads to increase sales as customers are able to purchase what they want instantly
* Understanding the customer purchasing pattern to plan an optimum merchandise mix
* Tracking customer buying history allows you to discover who are your loyal customers and execute targeted promotions to maintain their loyalty.

Addressing the needs of the evolving retail industry, ETP International has developed the ETP V5 Retail Management Software which covers all the key functionality required for retail companies and is built to help retailers align their business processes with their strategies. Its integrated yet modular approach allows retailers to deploy ETP V5 comprehensively or modularly as per their requirements.

ETP V5 helps to streamline areas such as inventory and merchandise management, customer service and point-of-sale, loyalty and customer relationship management, cash management, marketing and promotion planning, merchandise and OTB planning, CRM and loyalty management, warehousing, inventory allocation and distribution, product life cycle management, procurement and MIS reports. With the components integrated into a single database with a single sign-on, management benefits from an integrated view of people, processes and goods moving at different speeds across different time zones and different languages in different countries at any time. Covering a wide spectrum of functionalities in a retail organisation, ETP V5 also adds value to corporate functions such as human resource and training, finance, marketing, and more.

Being an international software solution company in the World, ETP provides retail solutions to the retail industry leaders using its ETP V5 retail management software as a platform.

How Retail Management System Software Solutions On Cloud Can Be A Smarter Move

Building business is an uphill task, which would be rightly seconded by anyone, who has brought up a successful enterprise. There are plenty of things to be taken care of starting from the initial stage of planning to the reaching for the product or the services to the users. Stages in-between are also required to be checked out properly so as not to break the chain of actions.
For the retail businesses, these stages are to be watched out more carefully because the business goes through a number of steps. Watching out for each step is necessary for a complete business success and therefore the cloud software solution has been brought into action. Retail management solutions are being provided by the cloud computing companies who have retail business management software in their clouds. Retail management system software will be allocated to the enterprise that seeks the services and there is a licence and charge for that too, unless the business has its own cloud system.
But in majority of cases, those companies, which are having cloud, let the spaces be used by retail businesses. Mostly the small and medium scale enterprises are interested and coming out for having a share of the cloud software solution so that their retail management solutions are carried out without any glitches.
Easing the stages
Retail sales software can be used to keep a tab on the sales that is being done on a day to day basis. This can be done without even checking or counting manually the number of sales because the data is automatically programmed to reach the cloud where the retail sales software stores it. With right backup and security provisions, these data are also not feared to be lost or broken.
Sufficient network and power back up is to be provided for efficient and continuous sales monitoring. Retail store POS software helps in various ways for keeping the data fixed in the cloud. Point of sale is the place where the sale is being calculated. There can be many such points in a retail counter and by doing so, quick attention to customers can be provided.
Number of people can be cleared as quickly as possible, which indirectly leads to lack of queues and loss of time. Also, the manual labour will be decreased with cost cutting for the company as well as lowering the overhead charges. Retail businesses will now be able to divert their attention towards better products instead of thinking about how to keep an eye on the sales.
Supply chain management store, which also works with the same kind of principle also can use the retail management solutions or supply chain management software that are provided through the cloud computing. The same holds true for garment ERP software, where the garment shops can conduct their business with the help of cloud software solution.
With retail businesses growing in number, the need of retail business management software will be more and this will lead to better growth of the retail industry. In the coming years, various IT companies are trying to smooth their cloud software and bring better scalability and security into the system. Although retail industry is being benefited with the solutions provided by the cloud, the options for development and better functioning are possible with many other businesses.