Retail Store Closings Don’t Have To Be A Nightmare

Our overwhelming economy is facilitating numerous businesses to close, even “brand name stars” such as Blockbuster, Best Buy and Starbucks; and hundreds of other famous stores are finding it necessary to close some or all stores. Ive noticed that nearly all are using professional store closing consultants. And, there are many from which to choose. For starters, a Google search is a good place to begin. For this article I did a search on all three of the top search engines, Google, Yahoo!, and MSN and The Waldoff Group, owned by retail veteran Milton Waldoff was consistently number the top ranked retail turnaround expert. Upon visiting his website I read a huge list of testimonials, all glowing reports from the current and previousretail clients, apparently all agreeing his pricing is reasonable, and is more than justified by what was “a happy ending” after all, when, at first, all seemed dismal.

Research, though necessary, does not change a situation where the retailer is scrambling each week to pay creditors, having to loan personal money to their business, quit paying themselves a salary, having to avoid creditors phone calls and behind on tax payments. Research shows that bringing in an outside expert with unemotional ties to the people, products, and actual store itself produces appreciably better results than merchants owners can do on their own. Apparently Waldoff understands this more than most experts in that he built, owned and operated one of the best mens and womans specialty stores in the south, producing sales and profits well in excess of industry standards. The store enjoyed a very enviable national presence for more than thirty years. During a very difficult economy when the store was in a dramatic expansion and not aware of retail turnaround experts he he decided to sell out his merchandise and close. Surprisingly, he didn’t surrender. Waldoff got into action and learned the business of retail crisis management from a veteran consultant and with his many years of operating a very successful retail business he has over the past decade become the company to call (according to Google) if you sense your retail establishment may be in trouble.

There are a number of other such firms. I called around asking questions, Waldoff had the answers that made the most sense. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Waldoff is a talented, creative merchant with a vast amount of solid experience who has platinum references and testimonials from seasoned store owners of smaller specialty stores to department stores. The more people I talked with the more sense it made that he would be ranked the best. Unlike the others I called Waldoff did not sugar-coat anything. He told me just what the logistics were and why a store owner who already has his plate much to full of day to day responsibilities and increased problems, depressed with the situation, often working 10 to 12 hours a day six and often seven days a week simply doesnt have the time or know how to properly plan and implement the plan so as to get outstanding results. Though it is not rocket-science, it is a great deal more complex and time consuming than meets the eye by the average successful retailer. As I thought about this I remembered hearing attorney friends saying a good attorney never represents himself. It is more often than not a matter of life or death for the establishment and Waldoff knows from personal experience and over years of working with well over a hundred store owners what must be done. Working with a level of empathy and experience that is not learned from a book or simply by being a former retailer Waldoff builds a strong relationship of trust and understanding with his clients.

While researching, an important lesson I discovered is that if it is necessary or the desire of the owner to close a store for reasons such as a sales downturn monthly loses, etc., or personal reasons like health, divorce, time to retire, etc., and one has to get as much money out of the business as possible, you want and need the best advice, counsel and guidance possible, it is a once in a life time opportunity to cash out. My research indicates these very key questions you need to ask yourself, some of which I talk about here. Have sales been decreasing? Is the store producing no profits. Is the business losing money every month? Is the business worth less each month because of loses? Have you stopped paying yourself a salary or decreased it greatly? Have you had to mortgage the house to loan money to the business? Are you scrambling each month to meet pay your debts? Are you avoiding creditors? Are you behind with the IRS or state taxes? Are you confused and not sure what is the “right next step? Are you losing sleep night after night?

Did you answer “yes” to three or more of these questions? If so, you should strongly consider talking to a professional. If you answered yes to five or six or more you should talk to a professional as soon as possible. One big thing I got out of talking to a number of consultants and their clients is good management knows when to call for help! Immediate action can occasionally save the business! Closing a store is not a one-size-fits-all event, Waldoff said every store is unique and require something other than cookie cutter consulting. Its easy to close a store, simply reduce the merchandise cheap enough and tell enough people and youll clean it out. That will not maximize your return on your investment, sure it will liquidate your inventory. What The Waldoff Group does is work closely with a retailer to maximize their return and that takes know how and planning. Many of the store owners who thought surely they would be closing, but after meeting with Waldoff did not; by allowing him to use his expertise to assist them in increasing sales, improving gross margin, improving customer service, and planning a much more effective ad strategy.

I sure wish I had known about him when I owned a store. Yes, I once owned a store and after four years I elected to close it and move to another city. I thought I knew how to close the store, seemed simple enough, put some signs up, notify the public and mark down the inventory. Thats easy! LOL! By the time I finished my closing sale and paid my expenses I had nothing left and still owed the bank and did not even get my investment out of the business! In speaking with clients of professionals that do retail crisis management, store closings, retirement sales, going out of business sales I learned The Waldoff Group had stores that ended with gross margins of 50% and more, occasionally with sales over a 10 to 12 week period that nearly doubled, tripled and often doing even better during the same 10 to 12 weeks as the previous year, some even equaled the stores sales for the previous twelve months. Thats know-how in my book! We all turn to professionals when we are ill, when we have legal problems, when we need tax advice, etc., so it makes sense to turn to a professional when your business is in trouble. I so regret not knowing about a retail consultant like Waldoff when I wanted to move on and it is this that motivated me take the time now to do this research and write this article.

Importance Of Retail Store Fixtures And The Latest Variants Available In The Market

A retail store is popular for the products which it sells and for the services that it offers to the customers. However you can never attract customers by just keeping good products for sale or by employing a staff of expert sales professionals.

You will have to design and decorate the store with the best in industry decor elements and retail furnishings in order to attract business. If you are owning a high-end retail store, then you can’t afford to keep an unstable table or broken rack in your store.

It poses a very negative image on the visitors and is very repulsive. Even if you own a small retail outlet, then also I would advise you to spend on some good quality store fixtures. This investment will never go waste and you will be able to keep the products in a very organized manner with the help of these store fixtures.

It is crucially important to buy the retail display supplies, which are essential to keep the products in an orderly manner. Retail display structures are an essential requisite for almost every retail store.

However don’t stick to the age old retail display fixtures and go with the latest trend in the market. In case you don’t have the idea about the latest variants of store fixtures available in the market, then you can go online. You can find an extensive range of retail fixtures for sale online, from which you can select according to your taste and requirement.

Importance Of Retail Store Fixtures And Supplies

You cannot appoint many sales executives to look after each and every customer who visits the store. Therefore it is necessary that each and every customer can reach the product that they are willing to buy.

Retail store fixtures and displays like shelves and racks help in keeping the products within the reach of the customers, which is necessary for achieving the sales target. Apart from making the products reachable for customers, store fixtures also increase their visibility which again is important for selling the products and increasing the profits.

Latest Retail Store Fixtures

The market of retail store fixtures is full of the latest fixture options and you can select the one which you feel are essential for your retail outlet. Some of the most popular store fixture options available in the market are slatwall baskets, gridwall and wire shelving. These retail fixtures can easily adjust in small space and are also quite durable. Therefore spending some money to buy few of them would surely be a profitable deal.

Tips to Get Retail Store Supplies Wholesale to Open a Retail Store

If you are opening a retail shop, it is important to have essential knowledge about the products and how and where to buy merchandise. Adequate product knowledge can help you get more sales. Insufficient knowledge about the product will make it difficult for you to show how the product will meet the customer needs. You will need to buy retail store supplies wholesale to get maximum profits from your products. The below tips will guide you in getting the right supplies for your retail store.

The products you are going to sell are one of the most important aspects you need to consider when you are starting a retail store. You will need to determine the cost of inventory to get adequate supplies.

Generally, suppliers and vendors give catalogs that contain wholesale products prices only to established businesses. A few of these suppliers may share the information. You can use this to determine the total amount your products will cost you to start a retail business. Secure financing to use for your inventory if you need to. Talk to your local bank to get a sufficient loan amount that will help you cover the complete cost of inventory.

A good retail business depends a lot on offering the right product at the right time and at the right price. It is therefore vital for your business’ success to locate the best sources to get the retail store supplies wholesale for the best deal. When you know what product line you will be selling, you can buy the items at wholesale prices from these sources.

It is very important to keep track of products at the time of delivery to help you know if you got all the items you ordered for your inventory. The tagging method, location, types of products, and delivery size each play an important part when you are handling merchandise.

Before you set up your business, take time out to visit local competitors to look at their merchandise and what products they are selling the most. You can check their merchandise tags to know the manufacturers web-address and name. You can contact these manufacturers and see if they are willing to do business with you.

Opening a retail store is time consuming and requires a lot of hard work and dedication from your side. Finding the right retail store supplies wholesale can help you get good profits from your hard work. It is good if you have previous business experience or hire someone who has done business earlier to help you through the different procedures involved in setting up a retail store.

How to Manage your Retail Store

A retail Store is a place where the decisions regarding the purchase of a product is taken by a customer. A retail store is also responsible for the creation of perception in the minds of customers about a particular brand, product and staff. A retail store is one of the biggest investments for a retail chain. But, this investment is in one of the highest paying assets.

Managing the operations of a retail store has always been a challenging task for the businesses of every scale and size, be it a grocery shop or a national or international retail chain. A store operations manager has to manage many roles like:

– Maintaining Store Atmosphere: The store must reflect a positive and encouraging ambience to the customer. It is the duty of the store manager to offer an easy and comfortable shopping experience. The ambience of the store should not confuse the customer in any form. A cluttered and unorganized store can prove to be very dangerous for the business.

– Handle the cash: One of the most important tasks is cash handling. It is essential for the retailers to handle and track the cash and profit and loss.

– Maintaining the Store Security: It is the duty of the store manager to maintain the store security. For this the Store manager can install CCTVs and cameras. It should be taken care that each and every product and merchandise has a security tag. And not only the products but the customers must also feel safe in your store.

– Providing Customer Service: Everybody knows that an unsatisfied customer is the biggest loss a company can bear. Customers are the biggest assets for a company. Thus, a business can never compromise on the quality of the goods and services. It must always be at the service of the customers and must take time to time feedback.

– Formulate proper refund policy: A store manager must formulate proper concrete refund and return policies. The store must mention the exchange timings to the customers and also the refund policy in lieu of the product returned.

– Conduct Training Program: A store manager must conduct training exercises regularly. It is the duty of the store manager to make the store staff aware of the latest software products in the retail industry.

– Managing the inventory and stock: It is the duty of the store manager to manage the inventory so that he is never out of stock. He must maintain the warehouse of the outlet and take adequate steps to avoid any loss of stock.

Thus, in a nutshell, managing the Retail Store Operations is one of the greatest tasks. It is about determining how the tasks pertaining to the store operations should be performed. Store administration must be on the priority of every retail store chain.

Managing the operations of a Retail Store is undoubtedly, a very strategic task. You must know the intricacies of the task. Catering to the same EduKart provides a certificate course in Retail Store Operations. The course covers the topics like Communication and Customer Handling, Pricing, Promotions and Markdowns, Stock and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Key Store Operations and ERP, Measuring Retail Performance, Retail Strategy and FDI among others. The course is RAI certified and is highly recommended for the people who are looking forward to a career in the field of retail store.

For more details, visit Certificate Course in Retail Store Operations

Do You Have The Right Retail Store Supplies?

I look forward to walking into a store to see what kind of retail store supplies are at the checkout because most of the time products at the checkout have a very small mark up for the store itself. Why? That’s want to know. I believe a store is in business for one reason and that is to make money but the store itself can make the most money by having retail store supplies at their checkout with a 100% markup. Yes, A 100% markup!

One of the best retail store supplies to have at your checkout is OXYGEN 4 ENERGY. It is easy to sell and it’s a dependable product to make 100% markup on your money. It’s almost like Oxygen 4 energy is made for everyone on this planet. Do you have the right retail store supplies in your company to make you the most when your customer is walking out the door? O4E is one product that does just that, brilliantly! Retail store supplies like O4E is clearly an example of a retail product that is one of a kind and knows the core of any customer base you have because we are an oxygen based people.

If you ever had an extreme workout then you know how much oxygen is needed because it is the energy for about 96% of your body. Oxygen 4 Energy in your retail store supplies will make your customer’s body move better and become stronger with a few shots of this stuff. It works!  Simple and Plan.

O4E has 70 plus testimonials from Olympic medalist on video taking Oxygen4Energy and sharing how it has helped them. Not like other BS retail store supplies. If you want real testimonials, watch videos at . It has lots of video testimonials made by people who actually take Oxygen4Energy before their workouts. No Games. Pure hard facts and results with Oxygen 4 Energy. You can use O4E with a variety of workouts to really help you make the body of your dreams.

  Industry studies show that the right products make the right profits and will keep customers in stores longer. Good retail store supplies will keep them in spending mode. You know your customers better than anyone. If a boom box with cassette tapes does the trick, great but how many boom boxes can you put at a checkout? Retail store supplies like Oxygen 4 Energy at your checkout can really increase your bottom line. Right now this product is doing great in every store it’s in and only 2% of the stores know about this right now. If you start selling now your customers will have to come back to your store only to get these new retail store supplies.

  Not sure if your customers will like it? Ask them. Give them a quick retail store supplies survey form to complete and drop in a box.  Then e-mail them when you get the Oxygen 4 Energy merchandise in you store. Involve them in the process and see to your sales grow.

  To find out more about these retail store supplies or order go to and Just hit the green “enroll” tab on the right side of the page then hit the I own a retail store supply company. If you have ANY

Questions, feel free to call Bryant Elder at 919-478-7855/EST.

I look forward to working with you.

Tips to Making the Most Out of Retail Store Fixtures

Because people love to shop, retailers are always looking for ways to sell their products and services, especially when trying to gain a competitive edge. When you use customer friendly and innovative retail displays, you will win over your customers and generate more sales. One way to attract and keep loyal customers is to use professional and engaging retail store fixtures. To make your store fixtures appealing and interesting, below is a list of tips to making the most out of your retail store fixtures:

Learn about the Various Store Fixture Designs: When you know all of the various store fixtures available, you can better create a professional and compelling retail display. Full store fixture designs include storefront signs, flooring, lighting, and much more.

Retail Store Fixtures that Attract Today’s Consumers: Using out dated store fixtures will not attract the attention of today’s consumer. You need to use innovative and professional strategies to attract customers. Retail store fixtures should be modern, target consumer shopping habits, appealing, and professional, in order to maintain customer satisfaction. Consumer shopping habits are always changing so it is important to keep up with changing consumer trends.

Retail Displays and Fixtures that Target your Specific or Niche Market: it is important to use retail displays and store fixtures that attract your targeted customer. It is important that your display and fixtures meet and are compatible with your customer preferences and needs.

Create a Retail Floor Plan for Store Fixtures: It is helpful to draw up a floor plan so that you can be better able to create your own retail store fixture layout for your store. When you create a floor plan for your retail display system, you will not have to move things around.

Retail Display System Should Be Non Intrusive: It is important to arrange your display and fixtures in a way that encourages people to continue shopping. Make sure it is not in their way when they walk around the store and is not blocking other products. The customer should be able to easily navigate throughout the store and be able to reach any product. As well, it is important to be aware that an average person’s field of vision is 170 degrees so keep that in mind when arranging your display system.

Retail Display System Aesthetics: When you create your display with the store fixtures, make sure that your space is designed so that it is friendly and welcoming. As well, use engaging and compelling store fixtures. The overall décor should be attractive, send a positive message, encourages curiosity, and have a positive psychological impact on the customer.

Many of the store fixtures are designed to showcase merchandise to its maximum appeal. You can create a distinct look for your store to attract your targeted customer base. Creative retail displays and retail store fixtures are a great way to win over your customers, sell more products, and generate more sales. When setting up your next retail display, look for innovative ways to making the most out of retail store fixtures.

POS for Retail Store, Retail Point Of Sale, Retail Management Software – EasySol

Easysol Retail POS software is the best product to grow your retail business – Irrespective of service, quality or price that differentiates your business. Easysol Retail solutions offer a robust POS system and in-store software systems with high ROI applications. Our feature-rich POS system software offers a highly flexible configuration that meets your unique business requirements.

Easysol retail software helps in Daily Transaction Report showing opening cash balance, cash sales and sales return during the day, other receipts, other payments and closing cash balance. This report will also display all the transactions done during the day in a summarized manner by showing transaction type, number of transactions and number of items in those transactions. You can also select any transaction to view detailed report in easysol retail point of sale.

Easysol’s departmental store software provide retailers with full-function middleware for data transport and data transformation, such as feature-rich polling that enables retailers to control and prioritize the movement of data between stores and the head office.

Easysol Retail POS also comes with other value added features like:

* Multi Counter Billing

* Fast Bill Printing

* Accepts different mode of payment like Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.

* Automatic Sales TAX calculation.

* Automatic Items and Rates updation.

* Barcode code generation and searching.

* Supplier due list management and bill wise payment module.

* Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet.

* Variety of unique reports.

Easysol retail store is one of the top most retail stores for POS. EasySol Retail Point of Sale provides you a powerful SMS sending module. You can send individual SMS to your customers, suppliers and to your friends and relatives stored in your personal directory. You can also send bulk SMS to all or selected persons. At any time you can view the history of SMS send to any particular person or to all and can also select the text of previous SMS for resending. You can also store standard SMS text for future reference.

EasySol POS is perfect for Retail Store POS, Retail Management Software, Point of Sale for Retail business, Departmental Store Software, Departmental Point Of Sale, Inventory Management, ERP

Retail Display Fixtures: Important Elements For Store Merchandising

It is advisable that as a retail store owner, you are able to promote your store merchandise effectively to your customers. Retail display merchandisers are one of your key factors that you should consider because they are the store fixtures that hold your merchandise together. Whether these are clothing displays, sunglass displays, slatwall displays, hat displays or other point of purchase displays, they hold your products and arrange them accordingly.

There are numerous items in shopping centers who are competing for attention from customers. Retailers must find creative methods to make their products stand out from the others in order to boost brand sales. You can use POP retail displays to market your items.

There are three main categories of retail store fixtures:

1.Floor Stands are retail displays, which can be placed anywhere on the retail floor and host a variety of product categories. It is the most often deployed display type, because it can withstand a huge amount of product weight for a very long time.

2.Counter retail displays are put on tables and counters where space is really limited. They often entice impulsive shoppers to buy items while waiting to check out.

3.Retail signs have a high impact on product branding and are often combined with retail displays to emphasize a products feature. Some of very simple but highly effective merchandising solutions can be little more than an eye-catching well-placed retail sign.

Now, how do you set up your ideal retail store fixtures? Here are a few tips:

1.Analyze and study your product’s features. First of all consider the weight, shape, size and color of the product you would like to promote using your retail fixtures. Check what is special about this product and how can you make the most to accentuate its features

2.Consider the seasonal theme of your shop. Think about which materials and elements will fit best your store design. You always want to emphasize and highlight your displayed product, but don’t want to risk to destroy the overall presentation and look of your store and end up picking the wrong materials and colors for your retail display.

3.Understand your customer demographic. Who is going to be most likely interested in the product your are planning to showcase?

4.Pick a type of point of purchase retail display. It depends on where in the store space you are planning to place your retail fixtures, there are countless choices on how you can design your fixture.

5.Address the message of your brand. You can think of a special feature or a brand slogan you want to address to customers and utilize graphics, banner and signs to make your product attactive.

6.Get some craft and design inspiration. Browse and search through the web and find some retail displays that is nearest to your needs.

7.Search for a good and trustworthy source for your retail store display. Study their industry specific expertise and review some of their projects with other manufactures.

When you are able to set up your store with customized retail displays, you can see that your products will stand out on their own which will entice your clients to look at your products and in the end, buy them.

Effective Store and Retail Displays Can Help Increase Sales

Effective Store and Retail Displays Can Help Increase Sales

When someone travels into a comfort store, they want it to live up to its name and have all available in a place that is suitable for them. Purchaser does not want to walk up and down row after unorganized row searching for something unsophisticated. Using the right type of store displays can increase sales with return customers who panegyrize the ease with which they can shop.
One of the most vital comfort store displays is the refrigerated food case or effective retail displays. This type of product displays allows the owner to showcase whatever wear item they would like their customers to buying on an exclusive day. It can also help promote sales by holding ready-made bags and purses, allowing customers to get in, get their thing and get back to work.
The retail displays is one of the facilitated store displays that is not only advisable, but can add to the species of the store. They are attractive and include comfortable sign holders so that purchaser knows exactly what they are seeing. The broad opening allows them to keep any number of products with easy access for the purchaser.
A freestanding display pause is something that all shop needs in order to have the most versatility with their display cases. These racks can hold anything that produce, and make it easy for purchaser to simply hold whatever it is that they want. These comfort store displays are especially useful because they can be moved around the shop whenever the owner wishes to change the look.
The retail displays may look small, but they can have a strong impact on sales at any shop. This little shoe displays fit nicely next to any store displays and can hold small items such as kid’s shoes, bags and other accessories. This impulsion purchase may not be what the customer came in for, but they will feel that they need it as soon as they see that it is available for them.
When it comes to choosing facility store displays, it is vital to choose a variety of shapes and sizes that will accomplish a variety of purposes. A small shoe display on the counter could lead to more impulsion sales while a simple store displays could help sell far more products during the busy hour. Variety is truly the solution to putting together a great display in any simple store; The also prevents the variety of products and has provided a broad range of retailers with one of the greatest selections of the most popular merchandise display tools in the industry.