Top Seven Tips On Finding A Supplier For Your Retail Business (ORIGINAL)

Finding good suppliers is essential if you are to run a successful retail business. You will need to find a good supplier for all your business needs from till rolls to the stock you will be selling. So it is vital that you use only suppliers you can rely on and will charge only what you can afford.

In order to help you find a supplier for your retail business, here are our Top Seven Tips:

* Be sure of just what you need for your business. Identify the items you need for your retail business to run successfully. Cash is hard earned and can be hard enough to have enough of at the best of times. So it is absolutely vital you only buy the kind of items needed for your retail business to run efficiently and successfully.

* Having identified what you need for your retail business to run successfully, you then need to do your homework to identify who your suppliers should be. Crucially they should be suppliers who you can trust and will not let you and your retail business down. Use any contacts within the your business network to check out who the best suppliers are. Also check on the internet to find about companies who could supply your business.

* Having identified potential suppliers for you retail business make contact with them, either face to face or on the phone. It is vital to the success of your business that you confirm the time it takes from order to delivery and price.

* You do not have to accept the first price quoted by a supplier for goods and delivery, so be prepared to haggle. If you are to order goods in large quantities or on a regular basis you should also negotiate further discounts.

* Be willing to accept or ask for goods and supplies for your retail business that are free or on offer at a special introductory price. By doing this you will save yourself and your retail business precious cash.

* If you find a supplier for retail business who you can trust, who delivers when he says he is going to and who charges a price you can afford, then stick with him. Other suppliers may be cheaper but they may not be as trustworthy. The success of your retail business depends on you dealing regularly with a good supplier.

* If a supplier lets you down, then drop him, unless he can offer you a valid reason for not coming up to scratch. Your retail business needs reliable suppliers and there will be one who you can trust to take his place.

The role of supplier in the fortunes of your retail business is crucial. So be careful in whom you trust to supply your business needs.