Proactive Retail Loss Prevention Techniques to Save Your Business Money

Retail loss prevention is vital to the success of your retail business. Shoplifters cause retailers billions of dollars in retail losses each year. Employee theft is an equally insidious contributor to losses in inventory or cash. Robbery and vandalism can cause serious financial damage to your business.

There are numerous ways to protect your inventory and ensure the success of your business. Be thorough in your hiring practices. Be sure your employees are aware of any loss prevention measures you employ at your business. Be alert in your environment. Learn to spot the signs of potential shoplifters. Are customers spending too much time browsing? Utilize strategically placed mirrors in difficult-to-see areas of your retail business. Security tags, combined with security gates, can help some businesses keep track of their inventory as well.

Most small businesses lack the financial means to hire a professional dedicated to retail loss prevention. One alternative, and one of the most effective methods of loss prevention, is modern security technology, which can significantly reduce the losses your business will suffer if you are the victim of a crime. A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system is one method of retail loss prevention that can, at best, completely deter theft of your retail property and, at least, document a crime and help police to apprehend the criminals and recover your goods if your business is targeted.

CCTV systems work by sending a signal to a set of monitors or recording devices. Some security systems provide live, real-time surveillance that can be actively monitored throughout the day. Other systems can record the activities in your retail location for use on an as-needed basis. You must determine what kind of system would best fit your retail loss prevention needs.

Be sure to place your security camera or cameras in areas of your retail store that will get the most effective coverage of the area. A security system that monitors only a small area of your space is not very effective. Don’t place cameras in vulnerable locations, such as within easy reach, where they could be tampered with.

Decide whether you’d be better served by a hidden camera system or a visible system. While hidden camera systems may more readily catch unsuspecting thieves in the act, a highly visible security system may serve as a deterrent to theft altogether. You should also decide, based on the size of your retail business, whether a single camera would provide all the security you need, or whether a multi-camera system would be appropriate. Larger businesses would probably not be served well with single-camera systems, and vice versa.

Advancing technologies make it even easier to monitor your business and prevent losses due to crime. Old, familiar videotape security systems, while still available, are becoming obsolete and are being replaced by systems utilizing digital recording devices, providing a much higher level of quality. Updated security systems even have the capability to send signals directly to a computer.

Cameras, monitors, and VCRs or digital recording devices can be combined to provide a high level of protection against retail loss. There are numerous details to consider as you plan for your personalized security system. Most suppliers of security equipment not only provide the security systems, but also offer installation of your new system and consulting services for getting the most out of your investment. Experts can help you analyze your needs and create an effective security system for maximum retail loss prevention.