Opportunities Galore in the Retail Industry

According to the Current Employment Statistics Survey conducted by the BLS, payroll employment other than farm added 169,000 jobs for the month of August, 2013 of which 44,000 were jobs in retail. This is considered to be a direct influence of the recovering mode the US economy has finally gotten into. With more and more consumers getting less conservative about their expenses, the retail industry is able to get back on its feet with impressive consistency. For individuals looking for lucrative career options, the retail sector is definitely worth considering.

Different areas where retail careers can be explored are –

*Operations in Stores

Careers in areas like store operations, customer, employee and merchandise security, store management and sales assistance can be explored for lucrative opportunities.

*Administration and Finance

Careers in areas relating to staffing, auditing, accounting, finance, liaising can be considered. Capital acquisition and identifying sources of working capital and mergers and acquisitions are some of the challenging tasks to deal with in the retail sector.

*Human Resources and Training

The retail industry is all about managing the company’s greatest asset – the workforce. People skills are needed for careers in areas like recruiting, managing and training people. Jobs related to legal skills related to managing employee issues are also available aplenty.

*Buying and Merchandising

An eye for detail and numbers to match with creative flair are the requirements for a job in this category. Studying and forecasting trends, bargaining with vendors, selecting merchandise are some of the responsibilities to handle.

*Marketing and Public Relations

Jobs are created in areas like handling of media and public releases, advertising, promotions relating to sales, art merchandising and creating content for the company website and the online store.

*Customer Care Centers

Customer care call centers, customer support centers and online customer interaction are great avenues for jobs. High school graduates may also find sufficient opportunities in this area.

*Information Technology

Every department in the retail industry is governed by technology and support is essential for smooth functioning of all the functions. Jobs in setting up the basic technology framework to updating the soft wares, handling inventory programs from the buyer to the seller, managing real time merchandise updates, etc. are some of the complex technology driven careers to be explored.

*Logistics and Distribution

Overseeing storage and warehousing of merchandise, planning optimal distribution channels, handling various transportation options and import – export related duties constitute functions in careers in this department.

Online job search engines, company websites, advertisements in various print media, word of mouth and referrals are excellent sources to scour for retail job openings.

The Employment Outlook report formed by the BLS, observes the retail industry as America’s biggest employer with projections of 1.6 million retail jobs added from the year 2004 to 2014 taking the figure from 15.0 million jobs in 2004 to the projected 16.7 million jobs in 2014. A profusion of opportunities offered for a diverse group of skill sets and education backgrounds make it an exciting and challenging industry to be in.