Report Description:
The global retail industry is developing and growing with terminals and unattended terminals. These two categories haveUnprecedented changes. Retailers require advanced and been further divided into various sub-categories such asDeveloped systems to meet current market needs such as stationary/fixed POS terminals, mobile/portable POS terminals,
Reducing the cost, accurate results and fast processing. Retail contactless POS terminals, and kiosks/vending machines.Automation is a solution to these needs by providing the the report also includes retail supply chain automation market,Automated machines. The Retail Automation Market is which covers the major components such as belt conveyors,Expected to grow by leaps & bounds over the next 5-6 years on auto scissor lifts and automated dispensing cabinets.Account of the presence of various drivers such as increasing
Need for fast process completion, growing automation market geographically, the entire market is segmented into fourAnd developing retail market. Retail automation is a burning geographical region such as Americas, Europe, and Asia-PacificTrend in some of the major economies such as in the U.S., and Rest of the World

with current and future trends for eachGermany, China, and so on. Future retail market will rely on region analyzed in the report. The report includes all the driving
automated systems to cherish the market opportunities factors and restraints; it also describes the opportunities in the Because of its accuracy and speed. Retail automation market. It highlights the burning issues as well As winning imperatives to gain competitive edge in this industry.

The report covers major retail automation equipments which It also profiles all the major companies involved in the field of Are being used across various retail outlets around the world. retail automation, covering their entire product offerings, The retail automation market has been segmented by two financial details, strategies and recent developments.
Categories such as: Physical electronic POS (Point of Sales)

Key Take-aways
* Intensive analysis and revenue forecasts of the retail * Burning issues and opportunities with respect to retail
Automation Market. Automation market.
* All the major markets are covered across all the * Company profiles and market share analysis state the
Geographies. Competitive intelligence of market.
* Impact analysis of market dynamics that describe * Revenue growth strategies are devised from the market
Factors currently driving and restraining growth of the size and forecasts statistics for the next five years.
Market, along with their impact in the near, medium, and * Key growth strategies for companies in the field of retail
Long term. Automation are provided through analysis of the
Competitive landscape.

Retail Automation Market Size, Analysis, and Forecast Report: 2014-2020

Retail is a growing & continuously developing industry. Customer needs are highly volatile so major concern for retail is to provide value added services to the customers at the same time minimizing operational cost so as to gain cost advantage, this can be achieved by providing automated machine solutions. Retail Automated solutions provide comfortable, flexible and user friendly solutions to customers as well as retailers.

Regionally, North America is the market leader in retail automation and holds largest part of market share, it is because of increasing income & purchasing power of customers and strong economic condition of the region. Out of the total retail market food and non-food vertical of retail automation market shows largest growth in North America due to increasing rely on retail automated product, where as in coming years Europe region is expected to grow at very fast rate in retail automation market, it is because of increasing retail chains and their product lines in Europe. Retail automation benefited the overall retail market by improvement in service quality, productivity and output and reduction in cost. On the other hand it creates disadvantage for labours because of loss of job. Also Automation in any industry requires high capital investment which is another disadvantage.

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Economic crises in America and Europe affected the market, both customers as well as investors were uncertain about the future of the market. Increased unemployment level & reduction in the disposable income of people affected retail market very badly. But now situation is different, economic conditions are improved and there is financial stability in market which results into decrease in unemployment level and increase in disposable income of people. In case of Europe, demand differs from country to country. In countries like Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain, where still economic conditions are unstable, have lesser demand for products on the other hand in the countries like Turkey, Poland, Russia demand is increasing because of improvement in financial condition and increasing numbers of hypermarkets, shopping centres and supermarkets. Worldwide growth of retail industry, growing necessities of customers, business process optimization, reduced cost to retailers and increasing demand of retail automated products are acting as driving factors for growth of retail automation market where as continuous supervision of Kiosks, high dependence on electricity & internet act as restraint for market. Also some customers finds inconvenience in operating self-service system.

Market segmentation for Retail Automation is done on the basis of geography, type and product. By geography North America is sub-segmented into United States, Canada & others and Europe is sub-segmented into Spain, UK, Germany, France & others. By operator type market is sub segmented into human Operated terminals and unattended terminals. By product market is further sub segmented as currency counter, cash register, bill printer, barcode reader, weight Scale, card reader, self-checkout system and kiosks/vending machine.

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Future of retail automation market is very attractive because of high growth of global retail market & favourable customer response and their growing demands. Various big retail companies like Metro, Tesco, Walmart and Kroger playing significant role in growth of this market. This market growth encouraging retail giants to invest heavily on automation products & services which results into cost advantage & output efficiency. Some of the top players in retail automation solutions are, Honeywell, Seiko Epson, First Data Corporation, Fujitsu, Motorola, Wincor Nixdorf, Siemens, NCR Corporation, Casio, Toshiba etc.