Attention Grabbing Retail Display

There is no doubt that the high street retail sector is an extremely competitive industry. If your business falls in to this market then how attention grabbing your store layout is and your retail display appears to your potential customers will be directly linked to your business success. Whilst your customers may have a limited amount of disposable income, they have a seemingly unlimited choice of retail outlets, both online and on the high street, in which to spend it. You need to do everything possible to attract customers into your store by using eye-catching retail display to draw them in. Effective merchandising combined with good quality products can and will lead to increased foot traffic and sales.

Consider how you currently use your store to sell your products, try to view your store through your customer’s eyes, look at the whole package, be critical and think about what is working well and what could be improved. Consider the front of your store, any available window display areas, your overall design and layout, display furnishings and fixtures, lighting, signage and graphics.

Use your retail display to engage your customers and in turn boost your sales. Some areas of your store may be working extremely well already whilst you may find that others are not really working to their full potential leading to missed opportunities. Your retail display needs to be attractive and interesting to your customers so as not to put them off, if it is cluttered or illogical, dull or bland then your sales will be reduced.

Coordinate your colour scheme, keep it fresh and ensure that your arrangements on shelving and within other display areas are in a logical order.

Use focal points to your advantage in order to draw attention to new products and any current special offers in store. Keep your retail display simple and balanced and group similar and complimentary items together, your customers will want to be able to locate products easily without having to go to a lot of effort to find them. Products which are displayed at eye level are immediately visible and will get noticed so think carefully about which products you want to place at this level in order to gain maximum exposure. Be sure to use your point of sale display areas wisely.

There is a huge variety in the choice of retail display units available to showcase your products such as display gondolas, slat walls or multi-tiered shelving units often available in both standard and bespoke ranges tailored to suit your individual needs. Choose good quality units which are neutral in colour and flexible as this will allow you to create fresh looks and update your displays with ease.

Do not overlook your lighting as your products will look their best when they are well-lit. If you decide to move or alter your retail display then your lighting will possibly need to be re-arranged to avoid creating any unsightly shadows or poorly lit areas. Your displays should be kept clean and be dusted regularly to maintain a fresh appearance, this is especially important when your retail display incorporates glass shelving which can highlight dust and give a bad impression.

There are a variety of resources available online offering advice and tips in relation to retail display and with a little confidence and creativity you will be able to implement effective changes to improve the overall look of your store.