Meet the Demands of the Retail Industry with Retail Fulfillment Solutions

The term fulfillment stands for the “process of taking an order and executing it by making it ready for delivery to its intended customer. It may involve warehouse pickup, packaging, labeling, etc.” However, when it comes to retail fulfillment, there are certain requirements with respect to product specifications, packaging, palletizing, labeling and tagging that the retailers want the manufacturers to stick to. Take for instance, retail packaging which plays a significant role in attracting customer’s attention. Attractive packaging is important especially in the case of first time buyers. It is the first step to enter the market and therefore there can be no compromise. The retailers also expect the manufacturers to provide delivery times and files with advanced shipment notification. And with the retail arena becoming more competitive and volatile, retailers are not ready to take no for an answer. They want the manufacturers to comply with the strict rules at any cost.

The retailers’ insistence on conformance with the rules has put the manufacturers under tremendous pressure. With retail fulfillment, manufacturers are expected to deliver the goods at the right place, at the right time and in the right form. Hence, retail distribution is an important aspect of retail fulfillment. To meet the demands of the retail industry such as electro-mechanical assembly, routing guide compliance, retailer-specific packaging, and custom labeling, what manufacturers need is an effective retail and distribution management. By partnering with reliable retail fulfillment solution providers, manufacturers can not only focus on their core competencies but also meet the needs of the retailers satisfactorily that too at a lower cost and with more flexibility. The following are some of the retail fulfillment solutions provided by a global leader in retail fulfillment solutions.

* Retail Packaging (hardware and software pack out: retail box, RF sealing clamshell packaging, blister pack, shrink wrap, etc.)
* Custom Labeling
* Serialization/ Serial Number Tracking
* Warehousing, Inventory Control, Lot Control
* Order Management and EDI
* Routing Guide Management
* Direct to Store or Distribution Center
* Freight Management, and Tracking
* Returns Management
* Online Tracking, Inquiry and Reporting

Thus, depending on third party solution providers help manufacturers to ensure best-in-class retail fulfillment since most recent products are shipped that too in the quantities that are ordered – that means no stocking of products with a limited shelf life.