5 Apps to Increase Your Business’ Efficiency

True or false: running a business nowadays seems more demanding than ever. Anybody on the helm of a business might find himself swamped with staying on top of all the To-Do’s, keeping abreast with all current and breaking technology, following the rapid evolution of digital marketing trends, and managing all the information, day in and day out. How can you possibly manage all these in just 24 hours in a day? Now, a stressful and eventful business does not necessarily translate to a productive one. The fact nowadays is, the more stressed out a working person is, the less is getting done. So what is a successful businessman to do? Streamline. Tap into digital technology designed to organize and prioritize daily tasks and watch yourself accomplish more any given day.

Stay on top of your To Do list with Google Tasks. It is a free online service that helps manage your tasks while seamlessly integrating to your Google account and across your other Google apps like Gmail and Calendar. Sure, paper notes make for quite effective reminders. But paper can get torn up. Or misplaced.

Similarly, Evernote is a high-tech note-taking tool to help any businessman remember everything that needs to be remembered. With Evernote, capture, organize, and even share notes wherever you are. Minutes of the meeting, random thought bulbs, snippets of inspiration while on-the-go, and other impromptu business interactions will never have to get lost in memory or rushed handwriting. It streamlines your business to-do’s by storing important photos, texts, and other details. Think of it as a cloud-based filing system that can be accessible from any platform, anywhere you go.

Maximize your projects’ profitability with cloud-based management systems like WorkflowMax. It allows you to manage your projects from start to finish, from quoting to invoicing. You are also able to track time and costs as you progress. When everything is organized and facilitated for you, it’s easier not to miss any key element of a successful project.

Modernize your HR and Benefits with GoCo.io, a highly user-friendly all-in-one HR and Benefits platform designed to make running any business with employees easier to manage. GoCo can be your sole central point of management for all HR elements like employee on-boarding and off-boarding, documentation, time off trackers, performance assessment, compliance and compliance, etc. It will integrate easily with your current payroll system and could automatically manage your selections with an existing health insurance provider.

One of the greatest inventions known to man is email. Communication was made substantially easier – not to mention faster – in the electronic world. Yet, email can be taxing and can easily eat up a good part of any businessperson’s day, just trying to stay on top. Front enhances productivity with better email management. It is a shared inbox software that greatly helps with communication by integrating all your email, apps, and team members into one collaborative space. Messages can be assigned to specific recipients and you can set automated rules to ensure that each message ends up with the right recipient. You are also allowed in-line comments and shared drafts with your team. Internal discussions are saved along with every message.

Managing a business in the 21stCentury does not need to compromise your productivity. Taking advantage of the technology available to you so you can structure your day and focus more on getting more things accomplished wherever you may be at any given time.