How Criticism Can Help You Grow

Businesses have flourished out of customer loyalty and an ever-expanding growth trajectory. But what remains to be very much a part of business is criticism. When your business is criticized, you might take it negatively and respond accordingly. The important thing, though, is not how you react but what you can take away from the criticism. You should use criticism positively to for the growth of your business. It is important that small business owners develop a tough skin that allows you to go through the challenges of criticism. Below are tips on how to allow criticism to help you grow instead of breaking you down.

Detach yourself emotionally: When you are trying to grow your own business and you are very passionate about it or have a lot at stake, it is very easy you take criticism personally. Try to regard criticism as simply an outsider’s point of view into your business so as not to get too overwhelmed by it. It is important to listen to what your customers have to say because their feedback can be vital to improving and growing your business.

Get a role model: In the whole journey of growing your business, it is important to have a strong support system and ideally, a mentor to look up to. Derive inspiration from role models who know how to respond to criticism well and will be of help to you in understanding how to react positively to criticism, all in the name of improving your business and increasing customer engagement.

Filter out unproductive feedback: Learn to filter feedback that is motivational from the ones that have no value. Discern if they are merely trying to put you down, or if they are being difficult for no reason at all by bringing up older, irrelevant issues. Use your instincts and stay focused on growing your business. Success is still the best way to prove your critics wrong.

Consult with trusted advisers: Evaluate your criticisms and improve your business with the help of trusted colleagues. Seek advice from people that are impartial and do not always agree with you. They can provide useful insights that can help you respond appropriately and professionally.

Take criticism as an opportunity to evolve: Constructive criticism is useful indicator to improve and grow your business. This may even lead to innovation of your products and services. The more you learn about your business from different angles, the more likely it is that your business will develop for the better. On the other hand, take the positive reviews as testimonials and publish them on your website and/or company brochures to share these customers’ positive experience to inspire others to try your product or service.

In able for your business to grow, you need to make a full commitment to customer satisfaction and back it up with a concrete plan. One negative comment from an unsatisfied customer can be influential on your loyal customer base as a tiny rock that causes a ripple on a serene pond. You’ll need to constantly be enhancing your customer engagement levels and embrace reviews, whether negative or positive, and grow your business exponentially by winning over more advocates.