Where Your Retailer Fits in to Your Marketing Strategy

The whole world is your market and your retailers are your valuable “foot soldiers” in delivering your brand to a more expansive market. You will need to consider helping your retailer along its drive towards success if you wish to optimize the returns on your own investments.

In this regard, the question you need to ask yourself is this: What do your retailers’ customers (your customers, too, in essence) look for in who to patronize?

Personalized customer service.With the advent and evolution of online shopping, there is still a hefty number of customers who yearn for in-person service that one cannot get online. Personalized customer service differentiates any store from the one-dimensional experience of shopping online. Empower your retailer’s staff to be able to go the extra mile. Volunteer to train your retailer’s front-liners on positive customer experience. You can highlight your own products and services when facilitating this training.

Full shopping experience.Any customer would be drawn to retail locations that are appealing to the senses. The more senses, the better. Include physical store enhancements to your product/service agreements with your partner retailer. Again, make the retailer’s store attractive, with your own products and services as the (subliminal) center of attention.

Shopping that’s entertaining, too.Instead of just a store, help turn your retailer’s location as a destination not just to buy. Sponsor events like cooking demos, on-the-spot makeovers, food tasting, DIY contests, etc. Whatever is applicable, the secret is to showcase your own product or service in these hands-on experiences for the end customers. Give your market a reason to visit your partner retailer. And a reason to pick your brand.

Guided shopping.Why are personal shoppers making real money these days? Shopping at a time when there is a great abundance of products out there can be quite overwhelming. Collaborate with your retailer partner in putting up something like “Pick of the Week”, “Limited”, “Only Available Here” or “Top Gift Picks for Christmas” where you can likewise feature your own product. Also, help your retailer maximize the use of display windows or center platforms to help the end customers along in the whole ordeal of making decisions.

Whatever it is that works best for your brand, what’s important to keep in mind is to collaborate. Collaborate. Collaborate. Regard your retailers as you would your prized employee. Not only will they place your product on the eye-level shelves, they will pack them with good words and a smile which all their customers will bring home with them, along with your product.