Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day to Do This

There are tons of things that need to be done throughout any given workday. As the clock ticks, the pressure mounts heavier. And this does not come only at the office, but it can follow you home. It will even be an unwelcome guest on vacations you might take. In the business of sales, it can feel like you never get a break.

The good news is you can channel all that stress into a more productive you and all it takes is just 20 minutes. If you can spare just 20 minutes in a day to devote to yourself and become a more productive salesperson, keep reading.

There are plenty of ways to spend your 20 minutes de-stressing, so let us take a look at a few way on how to “reboot” for enhanced productivity.

#1 Drawing or Coloring. Some people decompress by expressing their creativity. Drawing or coloring has been proven to relieve stress among very busy individuals. Creativity frees up your mind and is a calming respite from the daily grind, even for only 20 minutes. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you will feel, ready to get more work done.

#2 Change your Temperature. Get instant relief by applying an ice pack to your face and/or neck for about two to three minutes. Have you ever tried to “anchor back” by splashing cool water on your face? Changing your body temperature helps in resetting your mental state. Repeat as needed until you begin to feel relaxed.

#3 Paced Breathing. Paced breathing is an excellent technique to alleviate stress. Take a seat, plant your feet flat and firmly on the ground, and take a deep breath from the pit of the stomach. Hold that deep breath and exhale at different intervals.

Stress builds up fast and hampers your true productivity abilities. Whatever technique you choose to practice, the key thing is to create consistency. Use those 20 “me minutes” each day to block out the rest of the world – turn off the smart phone, log out the social media, mute email notifications – and focus on doing just one thing. Do not do anything else. Draw or color? Nothing else. Paced breathing? Nothing else. Maybe you can do the temperature change in the last five minutes before finally returning to your desk. Whatever you choose to do, do it every day and consistently. With consistency you create habits. With just 20 minutes set aside each and every day you’re creating a habit. A habit that will help you focus and do the one thing that’s most important to you each and every day.