How to Get More Out of Your Day

We all have “blah” days when we just feel we did not put out our most productive, that we could have done more and gotten more out of our day.  Well, no cause for worry really because that could only mean human frailty at work.

Here are a few tips that may guide you to achieve a pro-active, fulfilling day:

  1. Set a Goal for the Day. Step into your office cubicle with a purpose in mind, what you want and expect done at the end of the day. Post-its could help work your way through achieving your purpose, so you won’t get off-track or side-lined by other office chores.
  2. Focus. It is important that there are no unnecessary interruptions once you get started at attaining a target timeline. Checking your email or facebook/twitter accounts in between tasks could be a distraction, unless doing so is to get information pertaining to your goal for the day. Avoid multi-tasking so as not to be victim to procrastination.
  3. Quit Over-Thinking. One mistake we tend to commit is to think of other things while working at a goal, making us lose our focus. Take things one at a time, making it a point to just concentrate on what needs to be done to achieve the day’s goal.
  4. Set Your Pace. Pace your mood and your actions in such a way that there is no room for a lag or down-time and you are not all of a sudden inutile or experiencing mental block.This could affect your efficiency and your ideas are no longer coherent with your thinking.
  5. Take a Coffee Break. When you feel stumped, take that much needed caffeine boost. Or maybe do some stretching and flexing of the muscles to get that blood back in circulation, to help you refresh and keep your brain activity alert for the rest of the day.
  6. Clear your desk. Make it a routine, just right before you close shop for the day,  to putting back files and stuff in their proper places, clearing your desk of clutter and unfinished work because you would not want to be starting another workday with a back-log.  This only means you have failed to achieve your goal for the day and this will be another disappointment for you because you have not maximized your eight hours in the office.
  7. Self-Evaluate. Spend a few minutes to review your day and look back on what you have accomplished ( or lack thereof), ask yourself if your work was satisfactory or if you did not achieve the day’s goal, did you even get half-way through? Assess your performance, where you went wrong or if you did better, think of how much better could you do the next day.
  8. Get Enough Sleep. Make sure not to lose sleep over your failure to achieve the day’s goal if that may be the case. Plenty of sleep is the first key to productivity. It will help to make you think clearly the next day, sharper in your decision making and problem solving, flowing with new ideas…able and ready to tackle new challenges in the workplace. If at all, you should always give yourself a pat in the back before shutting your eyes and after you have said your prayers of thank you for another fruitful day.