5 Tips to Make Your Website Sell For You

This day and age, establishing a website for any business is almost imperative if the goal is to reach more people and create awareness around a brand, a product, and/or a service. Strategies in maintaining a business website include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. These are but some of website techniques to acquire new customers. In the often-arduous mission to establish a near-perfect and effective website, it can easily be neglected that it takes a user-friendly website is necessary for these techniques to work. You might notice that your website traffic is steady in increase, without a rise in conversions. This means your website is not working to your advantage.

Below are some improvements you can apply to your website so as to convert more visitors into customers.

Contact Information. Make it easy for visitors to your website to contact your business. Make your phone number is prominent on every page. A click-to-call link is even better to have for mobile device searches. Reserve a dedicated space for your business’ contact information that potential customers can easily get to. Publish your email address — possibly an email or online contact form that is easy to fill out. Add your business address, too, as this allows more customers find you, especially within your locality. If visitors are not able to find these information in your site, they are likely to leave and move on to another supplying site.

Write Unique Content. Particularly unique, not to mention sensible, content is something that talks about your business. An About Us page is always informative and helpful for searching customers. You can also add a blog about company updates and/or event descriptions. Write about your services and/or products. Online visitors and search engines require specific information in the journey to any buying decision. Provide as much detail as you can to showcase your products’ superiority over the competitors’.

Use Powerful Call to Actions. Something simple as PRESS HERE calls out to any person browsing a website. It addresses thoughts like “what’s next?” in every visitor’s mind. Direct your website visitors to their next steps with call-to-actions that will guide them in navigating your website.

Integrate Your Tools. An effective website is not only user-friendly to your visitors, but should be easy to manage for you, as well. Maximize your marketing potential by integrating other tools you utilize. Appointment-setting calendars are great for converting visitors into customers. Another great idea is to integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) tool or software into your webpage. This helps to manage leads and sales.

Finally, use WordPress. The convenience (not to mention, cost effectiveness) of a content management system like WordPress allows you to manage your own site and its contents without having to learn about HTML and coding. This way, you also would not need to outsource or contract a third party to maintain your webpage for a price.

Reach and pique the attention of visitors by maintaining a visually attractive and navigation-friendly website. The longer a visitor stays on your webpage, the higher the chances you have of converting this visit into a sale.