3 Ways to Decrease Stress

Running a business may be overwhelming at times. Okay yes, most of the time. You are expected to wear several hats all at once and something seems to always come up that requires your attention, day in and day out.

Stress is a part of life for all of us. Sure, stress tends to be worth it if you are living the dream of being your own boss of a successful business. Still, we all could use a bit of relief from the daily stress, or at least manage it better. Health is still a top priority. How else can you run a successful business when you are just running yourself rugged all the time?

Automate.The beauty of modern technology is that it has evolved rapidly towards a common direction – to make people’s lives as easy, convenient, and comfortable as it possibly can. Let technology work for you to the fullest. There are countless applications, software, and high tech equipment all designed to help manage any imaginable aspect of a business. Not to mention the magic of wireless and/or handheld technology that allows you the convenience of managing a business remotely. Tidy up your workspace; organize the bits, wires, and pieces so your technology work seamlessly and practically run your business for you, so to speak. And then, take that break.

Delegate.Effectively distributing work to various individuals or groups with specific competencies. The rewards of delegating is actually two-fold. When you are able to macro-manage certain functions to applicable individuals or groups, you are less drained and thus have more energy to oversee the entire business as a big picture. Second, delegating is a highly effective way to motivate those who work for you. Delegating is, bottomline, helping yourself and helping others. If your business is in its early stages and you do not have the allocation for several employees to cover every aspect isn’t a viable option yet, consider out-sourcing and/or part-timers.

Exercise more.When you have successfully automated and delegated, you should have more time to do this. Studies have shown how exercise relieves stress. The quick science to it is when there is physical exercise, the body produces endorphins – neurotransmitters that reduces the perception of pain or stress. And when you do not have the time to hit the gym everyday but have that 30 minutes to spare till the next meeting, take a walk around the block. You are in motion, plus you get to soak in some fresh air and sunshine. Related to this, strive to eat right and sleep better.

These are only three of possibly dozens of positive actions that can help reduce or manage the stress from running a business. So the next time you’re feeling stressed at work, try one or two of these techniques. Or all. You’ll find every one of them is highly effective in both reducing your stress and improving your performance and productivity. A healthy boss inspires those around him to be healthy, too. Surround yourself with physically and mentally healthy people in your workplace so that together working towards your common goal will never be too tiresome.