7 Traits to Look for in a Salesperson

If you are in the sales business, chances are you have heard the expression: “you are not selling a product, you are selling yourself.” This is the reason why if you are hiring sales representatives, you ought to know that the qualities of the person who sells is just as important as the quality of the product or service being sold. It is imperative to understand that the mark of a successful salesperson lies in a perfect balance of habits, attitudes, and personal traits that fall in a neat row and spell stardom in the industry. Here are seven traits to look for when hiring high potential sales representatives.

They work closely with the marketing team. Research has shown that, on average, 75% of the buying process is completed even before a salesperson is called upon. In the age of digital marketing, online content is substantially better, thus making potential customers very knowledgeable about any company, its products and services than they’ve ever been. A highly effective salesperson would make it a point to always be in the same page as your digital marketing team before he goes out to close those customers that have been attracted by your digital presence.

They are storytellers. A successful salesperson is able to tell a compelling story strewn with relevant facts and statistics. This person is able to effectively let your customers understand and believe that your product is going to be of great value to their organization.

They are self-starters and don’t rely on external direction. A successful salesperson is goal-oriented. He knows their audience well. Once they’ve connected with their customers, there is no need to tell them what to do or where to go. More importantly, they know how to leverage on their customer relationships to generate further sales leads.

They possess a realistic perspective. Beneath the enthusiasm and resilience, successful salespeople hold on to a solidly realistic perspective. This keeps them intelligent and practical in the determination to pursue their goals, organized and strategic, and able to make the most of any day. Optimism and passion are, of course, necessary traits, but this ability to stay focused on the big picture is essential in the ability to avoid getting blind-sided.

They are passionate about what they sell. An effective salesperson knows that selling something that they do not believe in will be a tall order. Any level of mistrust in a product will manifest in any pitch they will ever attempt. They will never try to sell something that they do not truly believe in.

They are problem-solvers. A good salesperson takes the time to get to know his customers in depth. He puts great effort in understanding his customers’ pain points and will do everything possible to resolve these concerns. This makes the job of closing the sale easier. A good salesperson will not shy away from going to the top of the chain and work with the bosses in seeking out solutions to solve his customers’ issues.

They listen more than they speak. An effective salesperson will give his prospect ample space to speak his mind so he can be able to identify even more opportunities to present help. Great listening skills make the speaker feel that his thoughts matter and are understood. This is a sure way to win – and keep – loyal customers.

Undoubtedly, sales representatives hold a key role in business profitability. This is why it is essential to understand and watch out for these crucial traits when hiring your sales people. Continuously develop these traits in your existing sales force, too. They are the driving force of the success of your product and, ultimately, your business.