Hot Merchandising Trends

Enticing and ultimately convincing potential customers to visit and buy any product or service from you require keeping abreast of merchandising trends. The freshest ideas about marketing are all strategic in educating potential customers about the products or services you offer. By staying on top of these merchandising trends and concepts, it is easier to market your products or services to you target buyers.

Trend # 1: Digitalization. Marketing your merchandise in the modern times goes beyond the four corners of your “brick and mortar” store. Right now, one of the most important marketing channels is the Internet. The worldwide web presents enormous opportunities in presenting information about your products or services to your target customers. You can also present, through the web, various types of invitations to customers such as downloadable brochures or catalogues, printable discount coupons, and the like. With the emergence of the Internet as a necessary utility in people’s daily lives, a vast percentage of consumers actually go online for information as they try to make a decision about what they need and what they are looking for.

Trend # 2: Visual Trends. A novel concept in merchandising is known as “depth deception”. Depth perception is a person’s visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions (3D) and the distance of an object. Depth Deception is what happens when this depth perception is interrupted, typically with the use of enhancing or distorting instruments like telescopes, binoculars, etc. Depth deception in marketing enhances your customer’s perspective of your store windows or showrooms. An example is installing a wall with cubbyholes that contain LCD panels on which you can showcase digital images of your products. This allows you to change the marketing content anytime it is suitable. This is especially effective for showcasing or highlighting special sale events or limited time offers.

Trend # 3: Data Collection. Collecting data about your customers is nothing new, but using facial detection and recognition cameras is truly a novel concept. Something like this is done in surveying the demographics of the customers that actually come to your store or stop to browse through your store window over time, in the hopes of establishing any patterns there might be. Another innovative idea in data collection is to use social media platforms to solicit information such as what is deemed attractive in store windows; in-store events or attractions that will appeal to your target customers; or finding out the types of promotions they are waiting to hit the market.  

Trend # 4: Go Mobile. Developments in mobile technology caused ecommerce purchases to jump from 3% to 11% over just two years. The trend in merchandising is moving towards mobile online technology more and more. You can leverage on mobile technology to present your customers with various types of invitations like printable spec sheets, downloadable discount coupons, or social media surveys.

Your physical store (or stores) have drastically enlarged its floor space with the flourishing of the virtual space online. Take advantage of the age of digitalization and give your customers a well-rounded, end-to-end, and convenient shopping experience.