How to Create a Promotional Video for Your Product

Nowadays, video is steadily dominating the generation of online traffic. It is estimated that video traffic will account for around 82% of all internet traffic globally by year 2021. And that figure is only going to grow.  People are still reading text-based content, sure. But, more and more, it’s becoming harder tod keep their attention. People want information and they want it fast.

If you are thinking of placing video content on your site, remember to keep it short and sweet. People are reading less than ever before. With the ultra-fast pace of life these days, answers need to get there fast. Studies have shown that as length of a video increases, there is a drop in engagement levels. One to two minutes of video length is recommended as the ideal runtime of content published online if you want to be able to maximize your impact. The premise is that the longer you get to your point, the less people will stick around till the end. If, however, your video content requires the long form, don’t fret. Six to 12 minutes is the second best sweet spot found to be likewise effective. According to research, if a viewer stays on past the six-minute mark, they are more than likely to continue on for a few more minutes. Anything more than that, you are bound to start losing optimal results.

Note, also, that even video size, placement, and dimensions play a big role in conversion rates. The likelihood that video content is played is higher if it is placed in the top parts of a page, above the fold. Keep your video content in parts before your page starts to get too long. However, it is also inefficient to jump straight to video content without context. Warm up your site visitors with a snappy, catchy headline before getting into the video content. Also, video content with a width of 401 to 600 pixels best drives viewing or plays. The optimal video height is 301 to 450 pixels.

Plan your video. The best product videos showcase the product in use and will talk more about its advantages and benefits than just a discussion of its features. Get your customers to appreciate how your product will potentially improve their lives instead of going on and on about the new features they are missing out on.

Develop a compelling script. The first real step in producing a great promo video for less cost is coming up with an original script yourself. You can typically write up a script based on your existing landing page. Just keep in mind that what you want is a script that will be memorable to your audience.

Finally, figure out the right video style suitable for your target market. Find out and understand in depth what your market is made of and what they want to see. Conduct a basic competitor research or study the top companies in your chosen industry.