Maintaining Employee Morale

It is virtually a fact of life that happy employees are productive employees. Research from the Economics Department in the University of Warwick has found that happy people are 12% more productive. On the other hand, low employee morale causes poor cooperation among them, low productivity, and heightened turnover. Factors which can ultimately deter a business from achieving its goals. Achieving high employee morale is half the battle – keeping them motivated is the real challenge.

Encourage feedback.Open communication in the workplace assures employees that their voices are heard and count for something. Being allowed to freely communicate helps avoid negative issues from festering in the workplace. Encouraging feedback increases the chances for business breakthroughs because of better collaboration.

Keep employees motivated by making them feel that their work is more than just a “job”. People naturally yearn to feel that the work they do serves a higher purpose. It is easy for this “purpose” to get muddled in the daily grind. – an online job search engine in Virginia – keeps its one hundred-strong employee base inspired by jobseeker testimonials who share their gratitude for getting successfully connected with employers, showing the employees the value of the work they each do.

Make development opportunities available to your employees. Nobody wants to feel trapped in a dead-end job with no promises of growth. Keep your employee morale high and employee turnover to a minimum by promoting internal promotions rather than external hiring. This motivates employees to work harder and better so as to be able to climb up the corporate ladder. Help them to do this as well with training programs that develop them for higher positions.

Celebrate employee accomplishments. Rewards and recognition for employee contribution can be simple, yet the yields to your business could be a hundred-fold. Feeling recognized and rewarded has profound impact on employee productivity and retention.

Grant time-off for your employees to be able to pursue their passions.Personal special projects provide an energizing break from the humdrum of regular routine and is a potential source of innovation for the business.

Offer time away from the workplace to do some good. Community Service Outreach programs make employees feel so recharged that they begin to feel an intangible gratitude to their employers for giving them the rare chance to give back.

Create an element of Fun.Everyone needs work downtime to take their mind off work and recharge. Possibly install a foosball table or a darts corner or a game boards area that will give your employees the chance to play during their break times. This is an excellent opportunity for employees to unwind and return to their desks feeling rejuvenated for the day. Periodic team builder or town hall activities are likewise exciting events that promote organizational cohesion and goals alignment while everyone gets to have fun.

It is every employer’s responsibility to elevate and maintain employee morale. Doing so successfully promises a host of benefits including improved productivity, minimal turnover, and of course, better profitability for the business.