Turning Leads Into Sales

Leads do not automatically translate into sales. They are, however, valuable starting points in gaining the sales you are targeting. Leads need specific skills application to be able to convert them into actual business. Here are some tips on how to convert the leads you have into sales.

Offer incentives.There is likely more than one supplier of the same product or service out there. Customers will pay extra attention to marketers who offer more value for the price tag on any product or service they are looking for. Incentives could be in the form of freebies, a limited time discount, or earning points or rebates for every purchase. Make your product or service a more alluring offer than your competitor’s.

Ask for the business.A lot of marketers or merchants neglect the one most common factor in closing out a sale. It’s not enough that you showcase the features, advantages, and benefits of any product or service you sell – your wares will not always sell themselves, so to speak. Do not just give your all in making your pitch and then stopping short at actually asking the customer if he is ready to make the purchase. After making your enticing offer, go ahead and ask for the sale.

Establish an informative FAQ sheet on your site.A number of potential customers might fall off the grid for the simple reason that they have certain questions that need to be addressed before they bite the bullet. Collate commonly asked questions around your products and/or services and publish them prominently on your site, whether online or at the physical location of your store.

Set deadlines on your leads.Come up with a “no response” time limit to each lead so as to weed out the unresponsive leads. This will enable you to devote more time on your active leads. Something like “We have not heard from you in (time duration). This is our final communication on the offer, though we would love to hear back from you in the near future should you have further questions,” is a good suggestion.

Follow through.A brief follow-up email or call to check on your leads for any additional questions or concerns that they may have will likely get your leads back into the buying mode. Be prompt in establishing contact with leads you generate from all the platforms you use. Taking the initiative to answer questions they may be putting off asking is an effective way to convert a hot lead.

Strive for outstanding email marketing.Again, there likely is several suppliers of the same product or service in any market. Cover an essential medium: email. Besides that it is more private or personal, a good number of consumers spend a hefty part of the day online. And when you email, try to keep the messages as personalized as you can manage. It is very easy for paying customers to ignore spam mail that says the same generic thing to thousands of other people. Adding personal touches to your email messages will help your email avoid the trash bin and last longer in your customer’s inbox.

Ask needs-based questions.Chances are, you receive objections or negative responses from 60% of your leads. If you’re lucky. An effective solution is to get the customer to feel that he certainly needs your product. Before you pitch your product or service, ask questions like “Who else will be using the printer you are looking to buy?” “How often do you invest on any new equipment for the office?” “Do you have a working budget in mind for the copier you are looking for?” to name some examples. Your customer’s answers will then help you tailor-fit your product or service to your customer’s needs, making it more irresistible. “This printer we have is so durable and quite user-friendly that even your interns will have no problem using it on the first day,” “With the X model in fax machines available through us, you are sure to be able to not need to upgrade it in the next five years, at least, with its cutting edge features,” or “We do have the Y model copier that, not only fits your budget, but will save you a lot in toner with its efficient printing system.”

Follow these basic tips and watch your leads start yielding higher sales figures.